Iceland – Secret Lagoon (day 3)

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  • Attraction value: 22.79 euros // 2.800 ISK
  • Parking Free

Blue Lagoon is far the most famous hot spring in Iceland but the country has many other places to enjoy the geothermal waters. And I need, to be honest, here I think I liked the Secret Lagoon better.

The Secret Lagoon waters are much hotter than the Blue Lagoon ones and it was very relaxing there. The Secret Lagoon water is clear while the  Blue Lagoon one is white and has silica in it. I did not wet my hair there but I don’t think that it would be damaged anyway – I was traumatized after the Blue Lagoon experience.  

The only negative point to the Secret lagoon is that it has some big stones under the water which you can’t see during the night. I banged my knee several times. On the other hand, they can be used as seats 😉  

Be aware – Two of our group were not feeling well after the Secret Lagoon experience. The water is very hot and the blood pressure can go down dramatically.

Iceland – F roads, be aware of the small letters on your rental car insurance policy.

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I don’t know about you but I do not sign anything without reading it carefully and understanding its content. Anyway, while reading the car insurance policy I noticed that the F roads were mentioned several times. We booked a 4X4 car and bought the best insurance available. However, the contract was very specific to mention that the insurance does not cover the F roads. So, the question is, where are the F roads?


Pretty much everything in the center of the country. Click here to open it on Google Maps

P.S.: I might have missed some F roads on the maps so just be aware that it is not any official map or so… Check the road name before turning into a new road and you will be fine. NOTICE that some F roads start as a normal road.


Iceland – The famous Blue Lagoon Spa (Day 1 & 2)

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Day 1 – Grindavík

Not much happened on the first day there. We rented the car and drove as far as Grindavík. We decided to stay in this town because it is close to the Blue Lagoon. However, if we traveled to Iceland again, we would do it differently. Instead of staying at Grindavík we would stay at the Sandgerdi Cottages. The place is fab – you get an individual cottage, with kitchen,  2 bedrooms and an outdoor jacuzzi ❤ for  only €90. Alternatively, we could stay in Reykjavík where you can experience a great diversity of restaurants, nightlife, and other touristic attractions.

Day 2 – The Blue Lagoon

Attraction value: It depends on the package. We paid €55 for the Comfort package and we were happy with all the items included

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Iceland – Fire and Ice

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  • Duration of the trip: 10 days
  • Type of the trip: Couple/Friends, planned with pre-booked accommodations
  • Ways of travelling in the country: Car
  • Rental car €59.00  + Insurance  €55.00 (daily rates) – 10 days total of €1,193.94. Be aware of the F roads (more about it soon)
  • Cost of the petrol: €301.50
  • Kms
  • Trip dates: 21.10.2016 – 30.10.2016
  • Our route on Google maps. Check it here

What to expect

Vídeo subtitles in English & Portuguese.

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