Mount Congreve – Waterford Gardens, Ireland

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I have to confess with a lot guilt that I know so little about Waterford. Public transport is not great, I have to say, and many of the interesting attractions are outside the routes, so it is quite difficult to get there but some places are worth visiting.

Waterford County has the so-called Waterford Gardens. 14 gardens, the most famous being the Curraghmore house & Gardens .  I hope to visit all the 14 gardens and share it with you. Let’s start with the impressive I’ve seen so far: Mount Congreve.

Mount Congreve

A fairy tale garden in a Viking land…

Mount Congreve was a property of the Congreve family, the state was built in 1760. The last Congreve died in 2011 and left the state to the Irish State.

It is unbelievable to us, commoners, to imagine that it was a family owned such property. In Europe, the wealth of the royals and nobility is obvious. Many castles, such as Lismore Castle, are still private properties. As a poor person, the only thought I have is ‘Who cleans up all this?’.

The Mount Congreve is an 18th century Georgian state designed and built by John Robert, the architect that design both Cathedrals of Waterford: The Catholic and the English church.

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The Mount Congreve is located 7km from the city center, located close to the Suir river and the Greenway. There is an entrance fee of 6 euros. The last time to enter the garden is 4:30 pm and the garden closes at 5:30 pm.

The two best ways to get there are:

  • Greenway – Trail along the Suir River. Walking or cycling the Greenway path is a delight, beautiful and practically flat. However, the path to the garden, outside the greenway, is full of ups and downs. There is a way to cut path before the Kilmeaden train station. It will save you a lot of time and energy. The rumor is that the Mount Congreve will open an entrance in the Greenway, but it’s just rumors. Hope it’s true tho
  • Taxi – The value is approximately 13 euros each way.

Honestly, I prefer to devote all day and my energy to walking in the gardens which is quite large and with many paths. Once I walked 10km just in the part and I use most of my time to photograph.

The pink wall

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A Beginning of Spring’s fairy tale. Yes, only at the beginning of spring. I very lucky to see the wall of pink flowers the first time I visit the garden. So I start spreading the word and invited a friend to go again after two weeks. The pink wall was gone completely and only the green bushes had remained. But do not be discouraged, the garden had only been transformed with many different flowers. It was as if I were in another completely different and equally beautiful garden.

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“Shadow and light by turn but love always”

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My second favorite place on Mount Congreve is the Temple. The poem on the header of this section is written in the Temple and I just love the meaning of this. The temple is a very charming building, with its red flowers* all around it the temple still has a privileged view of the river Suir.

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Underestimated, Mount Congreve on TOP 5 attractions of Waterford, after all, it is not only Viking and Medieval history that makes a city.

The Dutch Steps

Another very beautiful area that blooms along with the pink wall are the Dutch steps. I’m not sure why the name, but when you’re there the name will not matter much.

Pictures of the Mount Congreve

Some pictures were taken after the pink wall blossomed this means that the garden is always beautiful

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A great place for a walk
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Bird’s Nest

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The pink wall


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The entire garden is cataloged and you can find signs indicating the species and the name of the tree/flowers. Great for anyone who likes botany
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Signs indicate your location

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View to the Suir River

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Enter a caption

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The mount Congreve house roof

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* The red flowers and the pink wall blossom and dies at the same time.

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