Game of Thrones Live Concert (Spoiler alert) – Miami, USA


Be sure that you have watched the show till the very last episode of the last season, otherwise, you will see the most important scenes at the concert (and in this video)!

Winter is here

The trip to Miami (a new post soon) was first planned to happen in April so I could celebrate my friend’s birthday with her… But Game of Thrones Live Concert made me change my plans completely.  Everything about this TV show is amazing – from the cast to the scenarios, from the history to the music, and the concert concentrates on a bit of it all. No regrets!

The tour will feature the show’s composer, Ramin Djawadi, conducting an 80-piece orchestra and choir, who will perform highlights from the series’ musical score, on a 360-degree stage. In addition, LED telescoping and wall screens, and special 3D designs will rise from the stage floor.



I also invited my friend who had never watched the show to attend the concert and she accepted it.  She started watching it so that the concert experience would be much nicer. After the first episodes, she was complaining about the violence, incest, and the sex scenes. I told her to keep watching it – I had the very same impression – and she’s a big fan now! She was also saying to me what was happening and I couldn’t help but find it so funny all the suffering from the episodes.

So we were all – her husband joined us – VERY excited. Once we got there the woman checking the tickets asked us to go to another gate because our seat area was closed! Imagine our surprise when they moved us to the front row at the concert ❤

And at the end of the episode, we were all very happy and humming the main theme.



Get ready to the start of season 7.



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