Iceland – Snorkel between Continents (-2º C) – Silfra

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  • Attraction price: 141.51 EUR //16.900 ISK (4rd April 2017)
  • Website: 
  • How to get there: They collect you in Reykjavík
  • Tour: Snorkeling in Silfra (more tour options on the website – including Diving)
  • Tour duration: 5-6 hours – guided
  • No certificate required
  • All equipment included
  • Photos and videos allowed 😀
  • Chocolate and cookies after the tour

What makes it a unique experience

In the middle of nowhere

Iceland is located between two tectonic plates, this is the reason why it has so many volcanos, eruptions, earthquakes and all those things which everybody likes to avoid. The North American and Eurasian plates are moving in opposite directions and between them, there are a lot of fissures. Silfra is one of them. So, technically speaking, while in the Silfra you are not in any continental territory – in other words, you are only in the Iceland country.


Let the adventure begin – at least for one of us!

day8_silfra (164).jpg

I did a snorkel twice in my life, once in Brazil and it was great, and once in Australia and it was a complete disaster. I panicked and I just noticed that the second experience traumatized me in Iceland. I put on all the clothes – btw, very hard work – and when I was ready to go I started shaking and – believe it or not – crying! Like, real tears! so that was all of my adventure, wearing the very tight and uncomfortable equipment.

iphone (4)
Meanwhile in land

Guilherme did it though and really enjoyed it. The most impressive points, according to him, is the visibility in the water. You can see + 100 meters deep.

The water temperature is between 2–4 °C (36–39 °F) but according to him, the suit keeps you warm except for the exposed areas.

When he finished the tour he was swollen and freezing, so we drank some hot chocolate and eat some cookies.



Do not be afraid!

When I saw Guilherme going into the water I realized how stupid I was for not doing it. Differently to my previous experiences the suit FLOATS! Simple as this… It’s impossible to submerge! So, if you are afraid too, fear not!  It’s safe to do so.

Making the experience even more special

I would love to remember the instructor’s name but I, unfortunately, I can’t. He was so nice to us – especially when I gave up. He was trying hard to convince me that I could do it. He explained all the points we should be aware of, told us what to do in case we were tired etc.

day8_silfra (169).jpgday8_silfra (20)

day8_silfra (177)
+ 100m visibility

day8_silfra (151)

day8_silfra (110)

day8_silfra (205)
Clear waters
day8_silfra (155)
See ya! 😉



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