Iceland – Inside a natural lava cave

  • Attraction price: 53.11 EUR //6.500 ISK (29th March 2017)
  • Parking: free
  • Website:
  • Tour: Cave explorer (more tour options on the website)
  • Tour duration: 1,5 hours – guided
  • Photos and videos allowed

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Víðgelmir is the largest natural lava cave in Iceland and considered the most impressive cave in the country.  Even though a tour inside a place like that sounds a bit adventurous and risky to do a tour inside a cave it is very easy. The way is all illuminated and at the places that would be a bit dangerous there was an elevated wood walkway. You will also be wearing a caving helmet and headlights – very cool btw.. It’s like you are in an action movie haha 


Everybody was safe and sound and happy after the tour – Except a guy that slipped on the steps at the start of the tour and broke his phone and camera. His fault, though, he was taking pictures and walking downstairs – Don’t try this at home, kids. 

To be totally honest here, at a certain time of the tour the wall was getting narrower. It was a very small area, though (it’s on the video 0:45). If you are claustrophobic then be prepared and do not discourage yourself because of that. It’s a very short part and you just need to be brave for one minute or so, and it is worth it.  We walked 600m down but it was not noticed until the guide mentioned it.

After a while, we were told to be careful since some formation on the floor and walls were very old and fragile but as you can see on the vídeo (0:46) Guilherme broke some….


The place has quite a history.

Many years ago the lava tube collapsed – yeah, I was scared but I’m still alive and that’s a good sign – creating two entrances to the cave. Believe it or not, when exploring the cave evidence of human habitation was found. Our guide told us that the place was already used for outsiders and people not accepted by the community. Funny thing is that I found it easier to breath inside the cave even with all the moisture and, of course, the cave protect you from the wind so it kinda makes sense that someone called it ‘home’.

The cave walls have many colours and many textures. Some people call the walls as the chocolate lava walls due to its similarity to a melted chocolate. Try not to eat it while visiting the cave. 😉


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