Iceland – Welcome to Hell: Krafla, Viti and Hverir

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Imaging moments is something I like to do when I’m traveling. I like to imagine the different times of the earth and the place I’m walking in. It’s crazy to think that the very same place I was posing for pictures was covered by lava and fire, destruction and creation. Very likely people were in panic trying to save their lives. We are blessed to live in a time that we can predict this type of situation. I invite you to close your eyes and think about the past of the places you are visiting. It makes everything even more interesting.

The shower at the Krafla Power Plant area

Attraction value: free

On the way to Viti Crater – there is only one road to lead you there – you will see the shower on your righthand side of the road. It’s like a bathroom in the open air. Beside the shower, you will find a sink. The shower is real and the water runs warm and hot all the time. 

I’m not crazy enough to wear a bikini in a 4ºC/39.2ºF climate but Guilherme did it. It was very funny to see him wearing a wooly hat, sunglasses and swimming clothes. Ready to take a shower in the open air in Iceland. It was the weirdest and funniest fashion show ever – I’m sure! Collection winter-summer Iceland 2016! hahaha

Krafla power plant
Fancy a shower?

Viti Crater and Lake – Krafla Volcano

Panoramic view of the lake

Attraction value: free

Everything started with a massive eruption of a volcano, the Krafla.  The place is called VITI – Hell in Icelandic – because the local people believed that this place was the entrance to hell. The whole of the volcano is very large so I can imagine why the place is called hell. Imagine when it was active – the amount of lava it produced and the disasters it caused. 

Anyway, the past is in the past. Today the place is quiet and the top of the volcano is now a very blue lake. The colour is so vivid and the contrast with the brown color of the mountains make it a very beautiful sightseeing. It’s a beautiful colors contrast and a peaceful place.

The area around the crater is full of smoke caused by the volcanic activities and make the place a bit mysterious and very different from places we are used to seeing – except if you are an Icelander. 

From this place to our other stop is just a few minutes. Even more volcanic activities and smoke everywhere.

What a relaxing scenario
Smoke everywhere

The path to the top of the volcano is very easy with no much obstacles.

At the top of the volcano


Attraction value: free

Very close to the Krafla you will find another exciting area called Hverir. The place is the most eccentric places I’ve been so far in my life. A lot of smoke, the worst smell ever and the view was stunning: The sun trying to find a place between the clouds and smoke.

The signs there explain the geology of the place:

Could ground water seeps down to magma intrusions, where it is heated and transformed into steam, and then comes back to the surface. Along with the steam comes fumaroles gas, which contains sulphur hydroxide which is responsible for the hot spring smell  most people know. In hot spring areas, sulphur deposits are formed when fumarole gas mixed with air. Besides the sulphur deposits, a mixture of silica and gypsum forms around the fumaroles. In mud pots, fumaroles gas rises through surface water, producing sulphuric acid, which makes the water acid. Rock and soil dissolve in this acid water, producing the mud which is typical of mud pots and their surroundings



Pretty cool, right!

Smoking can kill you!


Mod pots


He is still alive after that


Non-drinkable water

We drove all the way to the north of the island to reach this place and we do not regret. the place is very cool and I would say that if you are visiting Iceland it is a Must Go place.

We are now ready to go back to Reykjavik and eat some local food and swim betwenn two continets.

See ya

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