Iceland -Reynisfjara, the black sand beach

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We were so lucky on this trip. In moments when the dry weather did not make any difference, it was raining, and the moments that we needed to spend more time in the open the weather was dry and sunny. When we arrived at the Reynisfjara beach the day was amazing. The sun changed colors and made everything brighter and happier.


The place is beautiful and the sea waves were so strong and unpredictable. Sometimes the water was not very close to you, in some other times, I had to run to not get wet. Some people were not so fast – I spotted on in the vídeo – one guy was taking a picture and did not notice that the water was coming closer and he got wet up to the knees.  Poor fella, the water was probably freezing and even though it was sunny it was not hot, on the contrary.

The sand was not thin and sticky like beaches I’m used to seeing. Even when the sand was more thin it was still a small black stones. Further inland I found some big stones and I brought some home to decorate the house with something from Iceland – I put it into a glass vase and it looks very nice on my desk.

One thing that caught my attention – and I spent some time staring at it – was the contrast between the very black sand, the orange shine reflection of the sun in the sea and the incredible white foam from the waves. It was spectacular.


I’ve never been to Northern Ireland, but I’ve seen some pictures of the Giant’s Causeway and this place looks very similar to the place in the Iceland island neighbor. It’s incredible what nature can do. Look at these cuts in the rocks. So precise. So impressive.


See ya.

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