Iceland – More water: Sejalandsfoss & Skógafoss waterfall


Seljalandfoss – Behind the waterfall

It was cool to have the experience to walk behind the waterfall. What was not nice was that the sprays of water make the place much colder but it is definitely a place to go. Unfortunately, it was not sunny – I was expecting to see a rainbow at this place – at the time we got there but the place is gorgeous anyway. It was interesting to see it from another angle that we are not used to.

The path to get behind the waterfall is easy as you can see on the video but get prepared to get very wet. It was also snowing when we got there and honestly I was expecting to see snow in Iceland so I was really excited about it.

You can also walk around – it has no protection barriers so mind your kids or get ready to see the waterfall from really close if you want.


I think you all already noticed that the place is basic a mix of glacier and volcano so obviously it has a LOT of waterfalls. This was another waterfall that we visited.

The nicest thing about this waterfall is the black stones on the side of the river – resulted from the falls. The contrast of the color of the water and this very black stones makes the place gorgeous.


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