Holidays special: Pastel de Belém – Lisbon, Portugal

Other facts about this delicious pastry

  • The Jeronimos Monastery used large quantities of egg whites to starching of clothes, filtering wine, glue etc. The leftovers egg yolks were used by nuns for cakes and pastries. (Great work, nuns)

  • Many sweets in Portugal are made basically from egg yolk as ovos moles (Aveiro), Brisa de Liz, torta de azeitão etc
  • The Pastéis de Belém were mentioned by The Guardian as the 15th most tasty delicacy in the world. (I would put it up on the list)

I love Pastel de Nata ou de Belém (I eat it there and everywhere). I always find some time to eat it when I’m in Portugal.  The food here is great, people are so kind and nice, the weather is so good, it’s always sunny. How not to love this country?

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