Iceland -Glacier – It’s cold outside, baby

  • Attraction value: face the cold of the glacier (free)
  • Parking: Free

At some point of the trip, we saw something blue on the horizon. It was very hard to identify what was the blue point between the dark rocks and mountains. It was not the sea or the sky. It was a GLACIER! 


You can get as close that you can actually touch the ice. To get there you need to walk a very easy path. I’m not used to adventures hikes and so on and it was very easy to get closer to the ice – and it definitely worth it. 

The scientists use those bubbles on the ice to study the air in a different time of the history. Pretty cool right? The color of the Glacier is fantastic. It’s white but it’s also blue and it is so large and big.  It was impressive to be so close to so much amount of ice. Totally recommend this place.


If you find glaciers interesting I suggest you watch the documentary Chasing Ice (Netflix)

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