Iceland – Gullfoss, the power of nature

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  • Attraction value: Investing in some waterproof clothes to get there (free)
  • Parking: free

The famous and extremely powerful Gullfoss waterfall is an impressive one indeed.  The Gullfoss waters come from the biggest glacier in Iceland, Langjökull.  The waters fall on 3 different levels and it is possible to get very close to the first level if you walk up the path on the left edge. The path is very easy to walk and it has protection along the way. Be prepared to get wet with all sprays coming from the waterfalls. At the first sight, you get the impression that of a really dense white cloud.

As in many touristic places, you can read about the Gulfoss in some signs on the location. I would like to share this history with you:

I will not sell, my friend.

In 1907 the waterfall and the area were the property of Tómas Tómasson, who declined the offer to sell the place. Instead, he leased it to an English investor who sought to use the energy of the falls for hydro-electric business. Sigridur Tómasdóttir, Tomas’s daughter, thought that use the waterfall for money reasons was selfish so she fought to have the lands and the waterfall free from lease contract. It was a hard court fight and all Sigridur effort brought attention to how important is to preserve nature. For this reason, Sigridur is considered the Iceland’s first environmentalist. Thanks, Sigridur!!

Sigridur sold the farm to Einar, her brother, who gifted it to the State in 1979.


Behind the scenes
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