Iceland – Geysir – Boiling water from the ground. Fancy a cup of tea? (Day 3)

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I was not too sure what to expect of the Geysir. To be honest, I had no idea that something like that exists so I hadn’t even checked for photos or vídeos. And there I was, in the car watching smoke coming from the ground not covered with pavement. Any water close to the Geysir bubbles and creates puffs of smoke. The closer you get to the Geysir the stronger the smell of rotten egg/sulfur is.

The Geysir gives a show. Everybody waits till it gushes the water and when it happens you can hear  loud’WOWs’. The explosion happens every 6 minutes – and I wish I had known it before holding the camera for 3 minutes in the freezing weather.

It’s possible to predict when it is about to happen because the water starts moving faster and the expectations grow with it. In some point, the water is sucked into the hole and then you know that all the water needs to go somewhere and then TA-DA. The water gush is very high and happens in a blink of an eye. It’s absolutely spectacular.

How does it work?

Making it simple, the Geysir works like when you are boiling milk. The underground water is heated to an extremely high temperature causing a lot of pressure on the ground. All the pressure caused by the boiling water has no space to expand which results in gushing water or the milk  dirtying all your stove.

The name Geysir comes from the Iceland verb Gjósa – meaning to gush. Geysir is the name for all attractions like this one all over the world. Talking about the world, Iceland is not the only place where Geysir exists, google it for: Fly geyser (Nevada, USA), Waimangu Geyser (New Zeland), Velikan Geyser (Russia), Geysir Andernach (Germany) and El tatio (Chile)

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