Iceland – The famous Blue Lagoon Spa (Day 1 & 2)

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Day 1 – Grindavík

Not much happened on the first day there. We rented the car and drove as far as Grindavík. We decided to stay in this town because it is close to the Blue Lagoon. However, if we traveled to Iceland again, we would do it differently. Instead of staying at Grindavík we would stay at the Sandgerdi Cottages. The place is fab – you get an individual cottage, with kitchen,  2 bedrooms and an outdoor jacuzzi ❤ for  only €90. Alternatively, we could stay in Reykjavík where you can experience a great diversity of restaurants, nightlife, and other touristic attractions.

Day 2 – The Blue Lagoon

Attraction value: It depends on the package. We paid €55 for the Comfort package and we were happy with all the items included

Main tips

  • Do not wait last minute to buy your ticket. Blue Lagoon is a very popular attraction and you might find it sold out.
  • Do not wet your hair with the Blue Lagoon waters. The water has silica and damages it for days.
  • The Premium package might seem more attractive because of the bathrobe and slippers but you will be under the water most of the time. There is no needed to pay extra for them.
  • There is no limit time of stay
  • If the tickets are sold out you can go to the Secret Lagoon– not very secret, though as it is a popular attraction too.



It was 8am when we arrived at the Blue Lagoon. The day was as dark as the night. The weather was awful; it was very windy and raining. So we ran to the reception where we found no queue – people in the hotel told us that it can be a long wait if you are not in the first group. The staff gave us all  the items included in the package and a wristband. The wristband has two functions: the color changes accordingly to the package and it is also the key to your locker.

After that, you will move to a place to change your clothes. The female facility is very well equipped with hairdryers, dressing tables with mirrors, cotton pads etc. It also has many  rooms with lockers that you can choose and lock it using the wristband. The locker is very big so you will be able to leave all your belongings there.  In case you forget the number of your locker you can scan your wristband in any scanner and it shows you the number. It was my first question because my memory is terrible.

Now that you are already dressed for your spa day, you need to shower. Before going to the lagoon you find the shower area with free soap and hair conditioner. Do not forget to leave the conditioner on your hair in case you want to wet it – but I definitely recommend not doing so. My hair was a disaster afterward and it was only the first day of the trip. Obviously,  Guilherme’s hair was ok after because he is a man and he doesn’t care.

Our package also covered two facial masks where you get them is easy to find, simply follow all white faces. In the other corner, you will find a bar – one drink is included in the Comfort package too. Beside it, you can find drinkable water in many places by the Lagoon.

We were a bit concerned about the water temperature. According to the website it varies between 37-40°C (98-104°F). But honestly, it’s a very comfortable temperature and according to the website, it’s important to drink water while the visit to the Blue Lagoon to avoid dehydration. You can find free drinkable water in many places.

Is Blue Lagoon an attraction for kids?

Many friends asked us to check if the main attraction were family friendly so we kept an eye on it. We saw a 3/4 years old kid wearing arm floaters  but there weren’t many kids around. Kids younger than 2 years are not allowed at the spa.


The visit to the Blue Lagoon was nice. We really enjoyed and we relaxed and prepared for the next eight days of adventure.


Let’s the adventure begin!

See ya’ next week.


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