Iceland – Fire and Ice

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  • Duration of the trip: 10 days
  • Type of the trip: Couple/Friends, planned with pre-booked accommodations
  • Ways of travelling in the country: Car
  • Rental car €59.00  + Insurance  €55.00 (daily rates) – 10 days total of €1,193.94. Be aware of the F roads (more about it soon)
  • Cost of the petrol: €301.50
  • Kms
  • Trip dates: 21.10.2016 – 30.10.2016
  • Our route on Google maps. Check it here

What to expect

Vídeo subtitles in English & Portuguese.

What an INCREDIBLE country. Iceland totally surprised me. We drove around the Island for 10 days and the trip was so rich in culture and natural diversity.


Our route on Google maps. Check it here

If it weren’t for this trip we would have to travel to many countries to have the very same experiences. From volcanos to glaciers, from hot springs to geysirs, from the snow to the sun. It was wonderfully intense.

Iceland is situated between two massive tectonic plates: North American and Eurasian plates.


Image from What are the 7 continents

Due its location, Iceland is hit by numerous minor earthquakes daily, it also has 130 active volcanos.  The country is affected by volcano eruptions every 5 years. Earthquakes combined with volcanos make Iceland still “in the making”. The earthquakes leave traces of 2 cm per year on the rocks.

There is not much green over there. The ground is pretty much black. Even the sand on the beaches is black and volcanic.

We were lucky to see the unpredictable Northern Lights twice on this trip. It was my birthday trip from the universe. What a show.

The nice thing about Iceland is that most of the attraction are free but it doesn’t make the trip any cheaper. Anyway, it is not all about money and Iceland is a must-go destination.

The post is divided by the days of the trip to help you to plan it. Ten days were enough for us. We saw all the main attractions but it was a very tiring trip as we stayed in different cities each day for 8 days in a row. I recommend that you break the trip in two and relax in the between.  Choose a nice place to stay for two days and relax a bit. Seyðisfjörður is perfect for it.

Next post is about the first and second day of the trip and the famous Blue Lagoon.

See ya next time,

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